Puttin’ On the Fitz

Fuuun!! I know I love me some bohemian funk, but after a few posts of non-stop hippie love, I got kinda burnt out and began craving something fresh. Close on the heels of my Afrobombs! post, here are a few more outerspace pics with futuristic graphics, dazzling colors and –my favorite– bright lights and lazertits!

The last 6 pictures put my Afrobombs! collages to shame. They were created by Ms. Fitz, an amazing artist with facial features that really remind me of Dita Von Teese but embodies a style that I can only describe as ecstatic-electronica. I’m experiencing a split in my sartorial preferences. Although it’s inherently bohemian by nature, I’ve been favoring futuristic threads when my mood swings skyward rather than down to earth. And Ms. Fitz is feeding that mood! Is there such a thing as a futuristic hippie…?

Sources: Traffic Sign;  The Asteroids; Five Speed Fever; Lazertits; Pyramid Laser; Rainbow Pyramid; Perpetual; Mineral; Turquoise Graphic; Shark; Space Collections

Cut and Paste

It started with glue and a pair of scissors. No doubt that technology allows us more ways to channel our creativity through programs like Photoshop, but the origins of my collage work is rooted in good ol’ cutting and pasting. A few reminders of the joy of using mixed media and working with my hands; not the mouse.

I’m in the process of clearing out old magazines, a task that involves tearing out images that I want to keep and rework into collages. I have to hand it to Dali, the original Photoshop master; he knew the art of collage way before its time.

Sources: Margarida Girao; Raul Cardenas; Aubrey Road


As I’m writing, I’m hacking up a lung and battling congestion of the nose, eyes and head. Lovely! I’m able to muster up just enough energy to make me a pot of high mountain tea and flip through my tarot cards. I got them years ago while I was still in grad school from a new age-y bookstore directly in front of my therapist’s office. I had just started attending monthly Wiccan circles in the kitchen of a local bakery in Concord which was headed up by a Hawaiian priestess –so hip and rebellious for a grad school student who was raised in a Catholic family (I told you about the cousin who wanted to pray for me, right?). Because I was so new to The Craft, I asked the owner of the bookstore for help on how to choose the right set of tarot cards and she said, “Honestly? Choose the one with pictures you’d like to look at.”


Read on for the accompanying reading.


Mood Mix

Listen to this…

…while peeping this:

Quickly and quietly the divide is widening /Between those in society surviving an economy nosediving/ And those that find their lives /In abject poverty./ A collage of impropriety./ Morally, culturally, spiritually, economically,/ Yes, undeniably the dichotomy is widening./ Nightly worldwide folks colliding violently./ Fighting over pride and historical rivalries./ Information spread virally/ Like a cyber link…/ Internet piracy/ Violating my privacy/ Always spying on me/ Playing virtual hide n seek/ My life on their microfiche/ The amount of foreclosed properties/ Rivaling those with occupancies./ Addicts spiraling out of control…/ To put it mildly/ They’re struggling with sobriety./ Government policies tolerating dishonesty./ And allowing its companies to hold/ Dynasties and monopolies./ What does it all mean?/ C’mon, people, talk to me!/ It’s like a time release capsule/ In the belly of a wild beast/ …Slowly digesting./ Meanwhile my son flutters in the comfort/ Of his mother’s stomach./ He knows nothing of the…world that’s coming./ Even on a planet…millions are suffering…/He will overcome it with love/ And overwhelming abundance./ So little brother keep shining./ Little sis keep smiling, keep striving,/ Keep climbing, keep trying,/ Keep rising./ Likewise I’ll keep writin’, keep rhyming,/ Keep stylin’, keep grinding,/ Keep minding my creativity/ Keep redefining our imagery/ Because now on every level/ More than ever/ We need variety.

Lyrics Born, The Divide is Widening, Variety Show Season Pho

Sometimes I just get in a mood.

Duh, Winning!

What do Charlie Sheen, John Galliano, Christina Aguilera, Momar and Lindsey Lohan have in common? Theeeey’re winning, duh!

I’m fascinated with the effects of unharnessed stardom. While it does provide some sort of sick entertainment value, it’s fucking sad, really. The SNL team was on-target with their impersonations, cuz as you know, to get through the bullshit, sometimes you just gotta find the comedy in the tragedy.

Green Tea and Popcorn

Some of my favorite things (in no particular order):

  1. Representasian
  2. Color
  3. Surrealism
  4. Visual poetry

Source: Blanqworld

Asia Born

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