Puttin’ On the Fitz

Fuuun!! I know I love me some bohemian funk, but after a few posts of non-stop hippie love, I got kinda burnt out and began craving something fresh. Close on the heels of my Afrobombs! post, here are a few more outerspace pics with futuristic graphics, dazzling colors and –my favorite– bright lights and lazertits!

The last 6 pictures put my Afrobombs! collages to shame. They were created by Ms. Fitz, an amazing artist with facial features that really remind me of Dita Von Teese but embodies a style that I can only describe as ecstatic-electronica. I’m experiencing a split in my sartorial preferences. Although it’s inherently bohemian by nature, I’ve been favoring futuristic threads when my mood swings skyward rather than down to earth. And Ms. Fitz is feeding that mood! Is there such a thing as a futuristic hippie…?

Sources: Traffic Sign;  The Asteroids; Five Speed Fever; Lazertits; Pyramid Laser; Rainbow Pyramid; Perpetual; Mineral; Turquoise Graphic; Shark; Space Collections


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