Grimy Girls

Sisters of the Black Moon are like the grimy versions of the sisters from Charmed. They are ultimate grimy of the grimiest with their Erykah Badu headwraps and nomadic wiliness. I dream about these women in my sleep. Ultimate girl crush. And I love the photography work done by Alexandra Valenti; she is a genius!

There’s just something about dark hair and light skin (not pale skin, mind you) that I find spell-binding. A Snow White complex, perhaps? Don’t worry; I’ll never forsake my tan au naturale.

This chick and her cheekbones are my favorite. She’s frickin’ gorgeous. She makes everything she wears look absolutely amazing.

A stunning portrait of my second fave. I love how her youthfulness is framed by her haunting cloud of hair.

Inspires me to swath my body in raw, textured cloth and crochet pieces and realize that I don’t need to spend a gazillion dollars to look this fantastic. I think I would do them a disservice by calling this boho-or-hippie chic. It’s just raw, natural, Mother Earth at its finest. It’s grimy glamour.

PS. Their Ebay store is to do die for.


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  1. Sylbe
    May 10, 2014 @ 01:23:41

    Their style seems appropriative of Native American regalia and I’m very uncomfortable with that.


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