Sunny D


My current love of orange hues is so random for me. I’m usually drawn to red, black, gray and brown. But none of those colors wrap me up in warm hugs the way orange does. Summer’s almost here…

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Vintage Airstream

My interest in tiny trailer-like vehicles is not a secret, but until now I haven’t come across any trailer interiors that really tickled my fancy. From jewel-toned walls to brocade ceilings, antique lamps and retro upholstery, leave it to The Glamourai to uncover this vintage gem.

Good Morning

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Something Wicca This Way Comes

I used to party a lot with hippies back in college. It made sense, seeing as I was deep in the forests of Santa Cruz, the land of surfers, dreadlocks and co-ops. My days were filled with tapestries, incense, bongos, alcohol and weird dancing without a care in the world. It was a far cry from the tense conformity of my high school days. And in Santa Cruz, I discovered a kinship with things that are natural, down-to-earth and to this day, I always seek comfort in an environment that reminds me of those care-free moments.

I’ve come across quite a few online interior design magazines, and Rue magazine is, by far, my favorite, particularly for portraying diverse styles and including quirky, off-beat stories and editorials such as “Dark Light Shining.” Aesthetically speaking, this is my dream party! Of course, I’d thrown on some Hepcat or The Roots in the background cuz hip-hop’s how I roll. But keep the rest; fur, feathers, dreamcatchers, turquoise-bling –it’s all me.

Sources: Dark Light Shining; Table TopBedroom with skylights; Hippie room; Hippie boat


In the mood for some eye candy.

Sources: TUSH cover; POP cover; Moroccan interiors; Elizabeth Taylor; Lakshmi Menon; Camel; Sari Parasols; Meghan Collison and Solange Wilvert images; Folk Bed; Valentine FortBlue Interior; Poolside

A Rustic Roadtrip

I’ve been wanting to go on this kind of a roadtrip for awhile now. The dream is to meet my brother in Philly and pick him up from grad school then travel cross-country back to Cali in a gorgeous vintage VW camper. My VWs are always pictured in cherry red, but I’ve been drawn to the color orange a lot lately. And not radioactive orange, but in a textured rusty way. It’s like following the sun…without getting burned.

Sources: VWClock; Business Card; Vintage Ad; ParasolOrange Necklace; Livingroom; Diner; Twirling; DresserCowgirl; Native American-inspired necklace; DIY Flat Ankle Boots; “Do Not Disturb”; Photo Editing and Collages: She’s Got Plenty

Tribal Notions

Collages: She’s Got Plenty; Backgrounds: Jonathan Zuwanda; Image Sources: Suno AW 2011, Mike Gonzalez Summer 2011, Lizzie Fortunato AW 2011, Anthropologie

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