Frida Gets Braided

Okay, okay, if you must violate step #6 in ways to look like Frida, here’s a tutorial by the very cute Justina of Compai.

It’s all about the braids! He-ey!

Turfin’ in tha Rain

Lived in the Bay Area* for most of my life and never really seen dancing like this. It’s like a combo between breakdancing and…pirouettes (???)

*East Bay represent!

I’ll Cross the Desert in a Snow Storm For You

If you thought that the nomadic aesthetic was only for the spring and summer months, think again! Their translation into the winter season has been nothing short of ah-may-zing. In Vogue China, chunky wraps and fur caps can’t tame the wild streak in Valerija Kelava.

What’s awesome is that the editorial combines this season’s fur and knit trends with last season’s mixology sensibility and makes it work in a grunge, desert glamour sort of way. For me, it is style heaven. And a veritable smorgasbord of DIY ideas for fur: fur covered collars, fur wraps, fur skirts, fur-covered boots?! Holla! Most fun rainy day activities I can think of! Transform a couple of throw blankets into a maxi skirt or shawl and you got yourself your own little glampfire wardrobe.

And just as a bonus, I wanted to throw in this image of Meghan Collison in the November 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK.

It makes me just want to sew a whole bunch of shaggy fur trim to all my clothes.