Puttin’ On the Fitz

Fuuun!! I know I love me some bohemian funk, but after a few posts of non-stop hippie love, I got kinda burnt out and began craving something fresh. Close on the heels of my Afrobombs! post, here are a few more outerspace pics with futuristic graphics, dazzling colors and –my favorite– bright lights and lazertits!

The last 6 pictures put my Afrobombs! collages to shame. They were created by Ms. Fitz, an amazing artist with facial features that really remind me of Dita Von Teese but embodies a style that I can only describe as ecstatic-electronica. I’m experiencing a split in my sartorial preferences. Although it’s inherently bohemian by nature, I’ve been favoring futuristic threads when my mood swings skyward rather than down to earth. And Ms. Fitz is feeding that mood! Is there such a thing as a futuristic hippie…?

Sources: Traffic Sign;  The Asteroids; Five Speed Fever; Lazertits; Pyramid Laser; Rainbow Pyramid; Perpetual; Mineral; Turquoise Graphic; Shark; Space Collections


Sunny D


My current love of orange hues is so random for me. I’m usually drawn to red, black, gray and brown. But none of those colors wrap me up in warm hugs the way orange does. Summer’s almost here…

Sources: Door, PotsVintage AdPortrait, Headscarfs, Lakshmi, Movie still, Women, Rug, Walls, Twirling, Etro, Sun


In the mood for some eye candy.

Sources: TUSH cover; POP cover; Moroccan interiors; Elizabeth Taylor; Lakshmi Menon; Camel; Sari Parasols; Meghan Collison and Solange Wilvert images; Folk Bed; Valentine FortBlue Interior; Poolside

A Rustic Roadtrip

I’ve been wanting to go on this kind of a roadtrip for awhile now. The dream is to meet my brother in Philly and pick him up from grad school then travel cross-country back to Cali in a gorgeous vintage VW camper. My VWs are always pictured in cherry red, but I’ve been drawn to the color orange a lot lately. And not radioactive orange, but in a textured rusty way. It’s like following the sun…without getting burned.

Sources: VWClock; Business Card; Vintage Ad; ParasolOrange Necklace; Livingroom; Diner; Twirling; DresserCowgirl; Native American-inspired necklace; DIY Flat Ankle Boots; “Do Not Disturb”; Photo Editing and Collages: She’s Got Plenty

Asia Born

Tribal Notions

Collages: She’s Got Plenty; Backgrounds: Jonathan Zuwanda; Image Sources: Suno AW 2011, Mike Gonzalez Summer 2011, Lizzie Fortunato AW 2011, Anthropologie

I’m Just Raw

 In these fast-paced times of ours, I crave solace in all things natural. Like wood; there’s something grounding about wood: the rough untreated textures, the tidy pattern of growth rings, the gnarly roots anchored beneath the earth.

Clockwise from left: Messenger bag; sunglasses; bowl; chair; turntables. Background: wallpaper print

I just realized that the Philip & Lillian messenger bag isn’t made of wood, but raw leather, which in a way, resembles the textures of wood. But make no mistake; I loooooove raw leather for what it is. I love raw and natural fibers so much, sometimes I think I could’ve been a cave woman in a past life, but with an unfailing appreciation for fashion. *smiles wickedly*

In fact, this whole post was inspired by that messenger bag. I think I did the collage in the hopes that it would help me decide whether or not I should spend damn near $400 on a piece of leather (KFK did not hold back when he said like the bag looks like something that belongs in the garbage –mean!). However, when I scoured the internet looking for similar bags in a less expensive price range, none really compared to the details in the Philip & Lillian.

The other items are no better at loosening my iron grip on my wallet. The turntable is insanely unaffordable (for a middle class working gal such as myself), but what a gorgeous work of art! And such a unique piece. Same goes for the Laura Spector chair. I kinda just wanna get it, not so much to sit in, but to stare at it and wonder how she twists the wood into such intricate shapes. The Shwood sunglasses are more in my price range, but the wooden bowl is just perfect, especially since I recently saw it and other accompanying dishes on sale at my local Tar-jay.

*Sigh* Well, one thing’s for sure…trippin’ about spending money for luxury goods? Not a grounding experience.

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