Prints Forever

Been MIA because I’ve switched to a four 10-hour day work week so I can study on Fridays for my license exam; diggin’ the 3-day weekends (especially this past Memorial Day weekend when we also had Monday off!) but exhausted just the same. I’ve begun working on the publication project I’ve been dreaming about since a year ago, so when ever I have time, I’m sending emails, researching, scheduling appointments and brainstorming for the publication.

I recently read this article comparing design online magazine with their print counterparts. It generated quite a bit of feedback about the credibility of e-zines, technology and the joys of holding a print magazine as compared to the convenience and economical value of an online version. As I’m in the process of developing a cover for the first issue, I’m thinking more and more about how to stay true to my voice. After inundating myself with so many glossy and high tech magazines and blogs, I hate to admit their influence over my creative endeavors. I long for the days of simple cut ‘n’ paste techniques. I’m still trying to understand the appeal of that style.

Above are images from the inside of No Mag zine, lifted from GPPR’s blog. It’s like being greeted by an old friend. I’ve even looked back to my old zine for inspiration and to ground myself in a more humble and modest creative piece. I pay a lot of attention to the Power of Print campaign, especially this particular ad suggesting that the increase in magazine readership can be attributed to the engagement print magazine provides.

As I was thinking about that today at work instead of…working, I take that theory a step further and suggest that the engagement the campaign is referring to is an appeal to our senses…

…the sight of the physical magazine;

…the smell of the magazine whether it’s of the paper or of the perfume samples inserted between the pages;

…the touch of the magazine, it’s smooth glossy surface or rough textured ones;

…the sound of the pages turning;

…only taste is missing…unless you lick the pages. 😉

The concept of touch is really interesting to me in this context as I ponder how I would print the publication. The type of paper used really contributes a lot to the vibe of the magazine. In the case of my publication, I’m hoping to convey groundedness and authenticity as readers flip through. I spent some time looking for newsprint, like the pages of No Mag. I’m also considering the benefits of full color versus black and white. I want readers to take the publication seriously yet still be set apart from glossies. Hmmm, it’s definitely a work in progress, one that I absolutely love.


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  1. Myrv Gryphon
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 21:51:53

    Remeber the No Mag parties?


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