I’ve been slightly obsessed with afros on Asians lately. In a way, it’s rather characteristic of a grimey girl to rock a hairstyle that rebels against the cultural norm. In fact, I’ve been considering getting an afro myself. It looks so bad-ass and care-free at the same time. When I saw this Du Juan editorial, I got this image of a Blacksploitation-esque heroine in a sort of desert prisoner scenario on Mars. So I decided to create actual images of the fantasy. I left the 2nd pic untouched because I wanted to retain the awesomeness that is Foxy Wong’s afro.

Omigod, I had waaay too much fun with the spotlight and flare effects on Phixr. Since I don’t have Photoshop, I have to make do with my ghetto Paint program and Phixr and Photobucket editing tools. This shit took me forever to do! But it made me giggle, especially the pic where Foxy Wong laser-blasts her prisoner’s nekked booty, haha!! Totally reminds me of the website, Lazertits. Mmmmm! Good times, good times.


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  2. Ashley Marie
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 12:28:42

    This is friggin amazing! I love it!


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