When She Laughs, Sweets Fall Out Of Her Mouth

Yeeeee! I’m totally excited for this! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for my birthday in September and this is definitely going to be one of them. Amy of Shrinkle has been going to so many events lately, I had to see if she was going to be at this one…and she is! I may finally get to meet the eponymous Shrinkle whom I’ve been stalking admiring from afar for the past some odd years.

Anyway, I’m appropriately boggled by the spiked interest in anything Harajuku or “Kawaii.” Yes, I was a fan of Sanrio and Rainbow Brite (not Harajuku or Kawaii, but similar in their complete saturation with color)…when I was five! Why is it that 25 years later I’m suddenly becoming interested in the color pink?? I used to detest the color pink or anything girly with a passion. In fact, I would taunt my best friend for claiming pink was her favorite color. And now…!

Geez Louise. I’m so confused.

A part of me is thinking that the past few years have been so hellish that a little bit of color therapy would probably do me some good. There was a reason why I enjoyed Sanrio and Rainbow Brite, Care Bears and Cabbage Patch Kids when I was little. Cuz it’s fun and happy and I was already living in a fantasy world so what the hell! Throw some pink on your face and call yourself Strawberry Shortcake! (Remember Strawberry Shortcake? I was such a fan. And I remember calling Lemon Merengue “Lemon Merren-Gay” cuz that’s how I thought it was pronounced.)

The conflict lies herein: Harajuku style is not my style nor ever will be. I always loved admiring color from afar, but the colors are too loud and I’m not a loud person. I don’t think anyone will take me seriously if I were to wear hot pink (or anything loud for that matter) on a daily basis. Besides, I’ve never been to Harajuku, much less Japan, so shit doesn’t make sense if I were to claim the style anyway. Props to those in the Harajuku District who can pull it off.

BUT…still doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself! Sugarpill, Amy’s cosmetic line, will be making an appearance at Sweet Streets and I’m so tempted to try it that electric blue makeup she always sports. Or maybe I’m thinking about her hair…Anyway, the event is here in my ‘hood. Can’t wait to get down with the pink.


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