As I’m writing, I’m hacking up a lung and battling congestion of the nose, eyes and head. Lovely! I’m able to muster up just enough energy to make me a pot of high mountain tea and flip through my tarot cards. I got them years ago while I was still in grad school from a new age-y bookstore directly in front of my therapist’s office. I had just started attending monthly Wiccan circles in the kitchen of a local bakery in Concord which was headed up by a Hawaiian priestess –so hip and rebellious for a grad school student who was raised in a Catholic family (I told you about the cousin who wanted to pray for me, right?). Because I was so new to The Craft, I asked the owner of the bookstore for help on how to choose the right set of tarot cards and she said, “Honestly? Choose the one with pictures you’d like to look at.”


Read on for the accompanying reading.

III – Empress

Standing before the earth, the Empress is the protectress. She symbolizes the law of preservation. As the Egyptian goddess selket, who watched over the spirit of Tutankhamun, she represents your responsibility to maintian and guard the seed-essence of life so that it can eteranlly flower. You are able to recreate, resurrect and revive.

As Empress, you are the mother. Like mother-earth, preserve life by respoducing it. You are a creatress. Be mothering. Cultivate your creations into full bloom. Be a nurturer, a provider and a giver.

You possess unconditional love for all of life’s creations. Arms outstretched, embrace life compassionately and non-judgmentally.

As the woman and mother, you are home and healer, center and synthesizer, abundant and earthy. You are fecund and senxual, magnetic and beautiful.

The shadow or negative side of the Empress: You can turn these qualities, however, into those of a sedentary, homebound, possessive, smothering mother.


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