Acid Trip

I love fashion as self-expression because it really reflects how I feel that day. If you look over my past few posts, I flipped from boho hippie mama to this tripped out space cadet –all those colors!! I’ve never been one for bold colors; maybe it’s all the blogs I’ve been reading that have inspired my inner Rainbow Brite to come out and play. I’d always sworn that I would stay true to my hippie, neutral-colors-loving self, but now even my hippie accessories are trending towards the hyper-colored.

Jane from Sea of Shoes created the above collage to spotlight a pair of Jen Kao acid marble turbo alien stompers. Total eye candy for a few reasons: 1) I would never wear these because the practical, down-to-earth side of me refuses to suffer at the hands of fashion (but I will gladly swoon over them!); 2) the “acid marble” looks like a collage itself and 3) look at all the colors!!!


Just Be Natural

I’m a Libra and Librans need balance. Sometimes I just need to get away from all the clutter, both literally and figuratively. While I love the excitement of patterns and colors and textures, it’s like, stimulus overload. So, to balance it out, I’m surrounding myself with peaceful, calm and serene shades(?) of white with natural wooden accents, my personal anecdote to life’s daily chaos. This sneak peek of Fitzhugh and Lindsay of Brooklyn Company provide the perfect backdrop.

Points of interest: that giant wooden table that I want for myself but would probably take up half my apartment. Other point of interest is that loft moonlighting as a guest bedroom. Ladders are fun!


A closer look at the giant wooden table. I love things that appear to be in raw form, as thought a stump of a tree was found in the shape of a table. And I love that giant rock in the corner. I think a part of me wants to live in woods. A plus to the interior of this room is how neat and organized the wall display is. It's inspiration on organizing my own living space (amongst other things).


My dream bathroom entrance. Apparently Lindsay scoured eBay for a barn door to use in the entry way. If only I could be as innovative. Doesn't it make you excited to see what peace, joy and calm is going on inside?


It'd be amazing to wake up in this room. So bright and airy, it's like a Clagon commercial: "Calgon, take me away!" And, it gives me ideas for the four-poster bed KFK wants.


Just another example of using raw wood as furniture like these tree stump nightstands. Makes me wanna go into the woods and chop down some trees.

 Tom Rossau blends “natural” lighting with structured architectural shapes.

And speaking of architectural details, a couple pairs of Chau Har Lee heels. I wonder what it’d be like to wear this first pair…

Ahhhh, mental heeeealth…! Sometimes achieving peace means appreciating the simple things…

…like paper. Presenting, the Paper Cut Project.

Breathe in simplicity, breathe out drama and chaos…feel better?

Alien Couture

Na’vi Dances With Wolves

I sacrificed precious hours of sleep and rest to catch the IMAX 3D showing of Avatar at 10:30pm this past Friday evening. Finally. I’d been wanting to watch it ever since I glimpsed a trailer of the curious blue bodies of the Na’vi flitting gracefully across the screen.

*SPOILERS BEGIN* One of my favorite bloggers posted various entries and discussions on the inherent message of the film, which is actually what got me up off my booty to watch it at such an ungodly hour (the movie ended around 1:30 the following morning, and even though I’m a self-proclaimed night-owl, I admit, I love sleep even more). She compared Avatar to the likes of Dances With Wolves in which the film is more about white guilt than anything else. The hero, who is inevitably male and white and western, saves the savages from colonization by his own western people.

A lot of readers opposed the blogger, saying that the movie could not have been racist because it’s about aliens. But that’s what made it even more uncomfortable for me, watching the Na’vi, who were obviously modeled after indigenous people, being portrayed as aliens. It was xenophobia in actual form.

I guess I can see what James Cameron was trying to do, but it’s not an original story. It brought back images of Disney’s Pocahontas, except the hero in Avatar actually becomes one of the Na’vi. Cameron claims that he was trying to “open people’s eyes.” It’s pretty sad when a nation still doesn’t have their eyes open to postcolonial issues, even those as basic as white guilt.

The annoyance for me lies in the fact that once again, people of color are used as a backdrop for the white man’s story. Avatar is a white fantasy in which the indigenous people forgive their oppressors for centuries of colonization, genocide, slavery, you name it, that have been committed against them. If Cameron wanted to really send a message, he should’ve done Avatar from the Na’vi persepctive. But those don’t sell tickets, unfortunately. No one wants salt to be rubbed in the wound on the part of both the oppressor and the oppressed. Avatar is about relieving oppressors of their guilt, not rectifying the wrongs that they have done to others.

Back in the day when I first began wrestling with postcolonial issues of my heritage, I was so blind with rage that it was difficult to wrench me away from online chat rooms discussing the devil that is the Bush administration. It was hard for me to step back from all that pain in realizing that I am a product of centuries of colonization. Luckily, I was able to get that all out of my system before watching Avatar when I was able to suspend some of the postcolonial shit…

…and focus on all the pretty colors!

Pocahontas Meets McQueen

Postcolonial drama aside, Avatar is visually stunning. Once I skimmed over the sad and empty storyline, I spotted trends that are cropping up more and more on the internet waves. For example, I’m completely captivated by Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer ready-to-wear line.

Then the models came out, dressed in short, reptile-patterned, digitally printed dresses, their gangly legs sunk in grotesque shoes that looked like the armored heads of a fantastical breed of antediluvian sea monster. McQueen, according to an internal logic detailed in a press release, was casting an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves.”

McQueen conveys his vision of the future of mankind both conceptually and literally. When camouflaged in digitally printed lizard patterns and hair coifs that highly resemble those horned plates on various reptiles, the models seriously look like another form of species not from Earth, much like the Na’vi in Avatar. Don’t they look alike???

I love costumes.



I thought this was the coolest thing ever: The Invisible Shoe, one of four shoe concepts by Andreia Chaves.

Now you see it... you don't!

Now this is the future! I wonder what it’d be like to walk around in these bad boys. (Picturing shoes shattering beneathe my womanly hips.) Ah yes. There’s a pre-pedicure massage I could do without.

Kolor Me Kron

My shoe collection is relatively vast. Well, to be honest, if I could have a space just for all my clothes, shoes and accessories, I could open my own boutique. (Hey! That would be really fun…) Footwear is like punctuation at the end of a statement; it’s the final word on the mood of an outfit.

Stylebubble and her quirky British style references opened me up to the world that is Kron by KronKron, a quirky shoeline that doesn’t see the lights of malls anywhere in the US, at least, not that I know of. And to be honest, these shoes are beyond punctuation because they make dramatic statements all on their own. When I saw the shoes, I was gleeful at the eye candy before me which, alas, is probably what they will end up being for me because I can’t be fucked with to wear heels. Always on the go, making comfort top priority; it’s a recipe for a tumble down the stairs and a trip to the ER. So eye candy is what it is:

I’m so smitten with their fantastic mix of textures (suede, leather, PVC, mesh); jewel tones (goldenrod, forest green, burgundy, cerulean); patterns (pleats, stripes, zebra print, quilting); trimmings (zippers, bows, tassels, corset-style ribbons) and the ever-present conical heel. It’s amazing how much creativity can shine through in just the foot area! I’m particularly drawn to the lovely salmon and blue heel on the right.

The pink and black ruffled numbers are a sweet contrast to the bold hues of its predecessors, reminding me of Victorian lace parasols, Lolita costumes and Agent Provocateur ads, like lingerie for the feet.

Saga, a London-based photographer at The Neverending Story, helped capture the whimsy of Kron by KronKron via photoshoot. Click on the link for eye candy overload:


Candied Crocs