Puttin’ On the Fitz

Fuuun!! I know I love me some bohemian funk, but after a few posts of non-stop hippie love, I got kinda burnt out and began craving something fresh. Close on the heels of my Afrobombs! post, here are a few more outerspace pics with futuristic graphics, dazzling colors and –my favorite– bright lights and lazertits!

The last 6 pictures put my Afrobombs! collages to shame. They were created by Ms. Fitz, an amazing artist with facial features that really remind me of Dita Von Teese but embodies a style that I can only describe as ecstatic-electronica. I’m experiencing a split in my sartorial preferences. Although it’s inherently bohemian by nature, I’ve been favoring futuristic threads when my mood swings skyward rather than down to earth. And Ms. Fitz is feeding that mood! Is there such a thing as a futuristic hippie…?

Sources: Traffic Sign;  The Asteroids; Five Speed Fever; Lazertits; Pyramid Laser; Rainbow Pyramid; Perpetual; Mineral; Turquoise Graphic; Shark; Space Collections


Sunny D


My current love of orange hues is so random for me. I’m usually drawn to red, black, gray and brown. But none of those colors wrap me up in warm hugs the way orange does. Summer’s almost here…

Sources: Door, PotsVintage AdPortrait, Headscarfs, Lakshmi, Movie still, Women, Rug, Walls, Twirling, Etro, Sun


I’ve been slightly obsessed with afros on Asians lately. In a way, it’s rather characteristic of a grimey girl to rock a hairstyle that rebels against the cultural norm. In fact, I’ve been considering getting an afro myself. It looks so bad-ass and care-free at the same time. When I saw this Du Juan editorial, I got this image of a Blacksploitation-esque heroine in a sort of desert prisoner scenario on Mars. So I decided to create actual images of the fantasy. I left the 2nd pic untouched because I wanted to retain the awesomeness that is Foxy Wong’s afro.

Omigod, I had waaay too much fun with the spotlight and flare effects on Phixr. Since I don’t have Photoshop, I have to make do with my ghetto Paint program and Phixr and Photobucket editing tools. This shit took me forever to do! But it made me giggle, especially the pic where Foxy Wong laser-blasts her prisoner’s nekked booty, haha!! Totally reminds me of the website, Lazertits. Mmmmm! Good times, good times.

By the Grace of Hip Hop

This is…oh my…I’m so…<speechless>

It reminds me of Paul Dateh, the hip-hop violinist, Jabbawockeez dancing to Singing in the Rain and Hoc from Quest Crew performing modern dance on America’s Got Talent. I am utterly inspired by the integration of two or more things that aren’t normally thought of being put together and making them work. True innovation, I say. Love it.

Source: Angry Asian Man

I Want To Meet Her

In the process of trying to obtain contact info for hot new designer, Suzanne Rae Pelaez, for my still-to-be-created Filipino publication. When I first heard about her, I was struck by her last name –one of my brother’s closest friends’ last name is Pelaez… Suzanne Rae must be Filipina! I did a little research and found out that she was indeed born in the Philippines. She debuted her Fall 2011 collection during New York Fashion Week and was touted for her “Victorian-gone-grunge” aesthetic, using Kerouac’s On the Road and the Texas desert (mmm, so good for my nomadic cravings!) as inspiration. Personally, I’m more grunge than Victorian, but I love how mixing genres results in a unique style. While I do love the clothes (think flowy, neutral, raw fabrics), I’m smitten by Suzanne herself. I watched a couple interviews of her (here is one of them) and was drawn to her down-to-earth personality and attitude, working straight out of her home. During one part of the interview, she invites admirers of her clothing to join her for a glass of wine. Girl, if you are reading this, I will take you up on that offer! I especially love her declaration that the chunky mile-high shoes that dominate the runway the past few seasons are scary. I think so, too! I’ve had to fight the urge to jump on that bandwagon and stay true to my love for bohemian sensibilities; flat, leather strappy sandals all the way! Anyway, here is another interview done by Women Working –I totally wish I was that interviewer trying on her clothes.

Image: She’s Got Plenty

Vintage Airstream

My interest in tiny trailer-like vehicles is not a secret, but until now I haven’t come across any trailer interiors that really tickled my fancy. From jewel-toned walls to brocade ceilings, antique lamps and retro upholstery, leave it to The Glamourai to uncover this vintage gem.

Good Morning

Sources: bedroom, livingroom, reading room, pantry

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