The Girl With the Ring

The search for grimey girls continues! I had a lotta fun conjuring up Mitsu aka Baby G’s backstory, but miss thang-with-the-skateboard hails from New South Wales in Australia and goes by the name of Shayna. I’m on this real bohemian, anti-pretty girl kick lately. High fashion is so saturated with this emphasis on perfection –perfect clothing, perfect styling, perfect bodies, perfect faces– and zero personality and individuality. In the words of so many fashion antidotes out there, the most “refreshing” look –at least to me– is the one that is the opposite. Hence, my search for grimey girls.

Fuck it, even though I know the model’s name, I’m gonna let my imagination run wild anyway.

It was Sunday. It always happens on a Sunday. For Shayna, that’s when her mind takes a vacation and her heart and soul run wild and free.

Apparently, the bull head ring adorning Shayna’s finger was an impromptu DIY project, created spontaneously during the shoot. The women behind Spell & The Gypsy Collective, which is where these photos are sourced from, promise a place for several of these bad-boys in their online shop. They are so gonna hear it from me if their promises are unfulfilled.

Necklace strands strewn haphazardly around her neck, tumbling blissfully down her torso. Chunky skull and quartz rings say, If I could dip my hands in the earth and leave them there to heal my weary soul, I would. (They also say, I’m a treehugger, but I’ll knock you out if I have to.) With braids clipped randomly throughout wavy locks and fur and feathers dangling everywhere…I delight in the carefree placement of her adornments, a desire I wish for my heaviest woes.

I love it when people look as though they didn’t have to even try to look as amazing as they do. The clothes off her back are all Shayna’s, and not some high-end designer’s. It gives me renewed appreciation for the DIY aesthetic and the coolest things you can do with a T-shirt.

Sources: skateboarding shoot; Love Voodoo shoot


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