Viva la Frida!

Man, I was sporting the unibrow way before I even knew who Frida Kahlo was! I’ve cleaned it up since then, shaping my overgrown brow hairs after my senior portrait in high school. But I still maintain their thickness. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my eyebrows actually fell off my face when I was in college and I’ve been ever so grateful for their unruliness since then.

So it’s kinda late it the game that Frida’s sense of style has become such a trend. She is the reason why I dig rich and vibrant interiors, Day of the Dead and skeletons so much. Still, I love a little editorial here and there that honors the grand dame.

How to look like Frida:

  1. Wear a crown of vibrantly colored flowers in your hair.
  2. You don’t have to own a Mexican-style wardrobe; just be sure to have dresses that have that quincenera shape
  3. Photoshop images of yourself in sepia-tone and add “noise”
  4. Wear a crown of vibrantly colored flowers in your hair. Tropical parrot optional.
  5. It wouldn’t hurt to actually resemble Frida in some way. Emily Senko is attractive, but Frida wasn’t your typical beaut. A woman with eyebrows like Arizona Muse, a gap-tooth smile like Lara Stone and skin tone like Adriana Lima would’ve made more sense.
  6. Don’t give a fuck about looking like Frida.

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