Urban Aborigine

I’m totally fascinated by this model for Idea2lifestyle. She’s so fashionably grimey in an ethnic-bohemian sort of way. I can imagine her hocking wares on the streets of China before returning to her art-filled cottage in the mountains. On her down-time she’s painting or smoking a hookah with friends at an underground hip-hop lounge. Her name is Mitsu, but her homies call her Baby G because she looks like she would sport a grill and rumble if it came down to it. Her money bags aren’t filled with gold, but she’s mean at mahjong and spends her winnings on bling. To her, bling doesn’t come in shiny, diamond packages. If diamonds were hardware, she’d be Home Depot. Mitsu would take armloads of Tibetan silver over blood diamonds any day. She prefers her jewelry with a hint of tarnish to show that she’s weathered the storm. Flowing fabrics, naural textures –she’d sew some of them dreads on her head to a scarf and call them “fringe.” When it comes to the mind, body and soul it’s comfort above all else.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

    Mar 15, 2011 @ 21:29:03

    Bingo, you describe her perfectly. Thank you for your wonderful comment, much appreciated! 🙂


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