Stop It Right Now

As you can see, I have a few favorite blogs, most of which I determine by either how much I am attracted to their style (ie., The Glamourai) or by how much they are true to their own style regardless of what other people may say about it (ie., Stylebubble). And then there are blogs that apply to all of the above plus I’m drawn to the person herself. Well, so far there is only one.

When I first heard about Jayne from Stop It Right Now, I peeped her blog and I almost immediately felt a sort of affinity towards her grunge aesthetic. I am definitely a child of 90’s and I grew up with the whole baggy clothes-hobo look. It was weird; I didn’t really listen to Kurt Cobain, but Seventeen sure liked his clothes. I’m sure other people rock the grunge look, but I really dig how she mixed the flannels with high fashion and a slight feminine twist (anyone who wears platforms or heels and make-up is feminine to me).

Pushing through high school as a “punk /ska/skaterat,” Jayne later procured a job as a men’s apparel designer in the skateboard industry and is a tattoo-motorcycle-Mr. T enthusiast. But style-crushing and Mr. T-lovin’ aside, the person she portrays on the blog is quite down-to-earth and she is open to expressing both the model-esque and goofy sides of herself. I especially love her use of Photoshop to create silly faces or collages. It’s all in good fun. But instead of me droning on and on, I copied a few excerpts from a questionnaire she posted here and here with answers that I can really relate to. And this sounds kinda weird, but a part of me also loves her blog because we’re about the same age. Being 30, I almost feel an expectation to dress and present oneself in an adult, but still fun, way. So when I look at Jayne, I think, this is how a grown up should be dressing: comfortable yet interesting, mature and frankly, pretty bad-ass.

P.S. She also owns a pair of these crazy Ann Sofie-Back drippy sunglasses that are so amazing. I scoured the internet for them but since they’re pretty much out-of-season, they’re sold out. Argghhh!


What got you interested in fashion/who’s your fashion inspiration?
My grandmother and mother were both adept with sewing and knitting and taught me both at a very early age. That’s what got me into the construction aspect of clothes. In high school, I was a weirdo punk/ska/skaterat kid that wanted to dress crazy so I used my rudimentary skills to make myself tutus and dresses out of smurf print bedsheets. I guess that was the actual starting point of me getting into “fashion” before actually being exposed to designers and trends. I just wanted to be different and dressing outlandishly was my outlet. People who know what they like and really commit to it inspire me more than anything. It’s not about racing to get the hottest new item or competing with everyone else, it’s about knowing yourself and what you’re comfortable in.

What is a current trend that you hate and want to set on fire?
Not really a trend, but I can’t stand inconsistency in the way people dress. It comes off as a lack of self awareness. Not to say you can’t have different styles on different days, but there should be an underlying “you” through every look. Some people are extreme boho one day, biker the next, then demure, one day sexy, and on “off” days grunge. Too much trend is never a good thing. Find your identity!
What’s your fashion faux pas and what’s your fashion DOs?
DON’T always have to look “pretty”
DO dress comfortably – literally or figuratively

How do you stay involved with the fashion world, outside of blogging?
I don’t. I hate talking about fashion or being around fashion people. Clearly, I love fashion, but it doesn’t rule my world. It probably also has something to do with the fact that I’m not a very social person. Also, too much exposure sometimes taints your views. I like being inspired by other things and applying those to the way I look at fashion.
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the need to keep up with fashion or just to stay looking so great? If so, any tips as to how to get out of that funk? I know I get caught in that feeling often -especially because I work for minimum wage.
I never feel overwhelmed. I’m in my early 30s now, so I left all those feelings in my 20s! You just have to stop caring at some point. Always trying to keep up with people or trends is going to result in a confused style and a tired you. It’s not a competition, no one’s rating you. Do what you feel and make no apologies. Don’t be fooled, I don’t look great all the time, or even half the time! And never ever let your wallet dictate your style. Make do with what you have – that’s where creativity is key. This is where you separate yourself from the pack.

What universally inspires you? I don’t mean a hobby, or even a deep interest…but a passion that runs deeper than your physical being. What is that passion for you?
I have a deep deep appreciation and admiration for people who have their wits about them. Sharp people that are on it. There’s nothing worse than people that aren’t paying attention and sort of glide through life in a haze. I just want to snap my fingers at them wake up! People that catch all the details and take care of business inspire me to be better and work harder.

What is your favorite quote?
“I don’t hate people, I just feel better when they’re not around.” -Bukowski

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