His Job Makes Me Sad

Just learned this little tidbit of information that made my stomach sink into itself: fashion blogger supreme, Bryanboy, “makes more than $100,000 per year.”


I am beyond jealous. I’m sad, depressed and a whole lot of resentful. Not shocked, though, because I follow his blog daily and I see the fahh-bulous hotels he sleeps in and gourmet restaurants he eats at while schmoozing with other fahh-bulous people. Ahhh, envy. Luckily, green is a good color on me. *winks*

I read some of the comments on the article and was also not surprised to read some of the rude and downright hateful remarks. While I think it’s awesome that Bryan is doin’ his damn thang, I get where they’re comin’ from. I’ve worked my damn ass off in grad school and get paid half as much as he does! Before taxes!! On the other hand, to all the haters who complain that Bryan has nothing to say about fashion: maybe he doesn’t say much with words, but his outfits make statements I don’t think them haters can even begin to comprehend. Not only that, but his “people” must be awesome publicists to get him paid that salary! It’s called marketing, people. He attracts a fan base which creates traffic which makes him the perfect advertising link for fashion. He is so damn lucky.


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