This Is Not IKEA

My one-bedroom apartment is covered in 4-year-old moss green carpet with equally dated fixtures (why does the garbage disposal always sound so funky??) and overlooks the back of the neighborhood bar. I love the sound of sirens and rice rockets speeding down the boulevard intersections. Needless to say, it’s a far cry from Marie Nylander’s treasure trove in Arlid, Sweden. I’m not too crazy about the white paint, but I gotta admit, it serves as a refreshing contrast to the rustic and industrial pieces and avant garde pop art. Well, to be fair, my balcony railing is covered with a nice thin coat of rust…

This solidifies it; I’m so getting a zebra-print rug for KFK’s and my future casa.


Love the colors in this shot: green and turquoise off-set by the chalky orange vase. Note to self: must get drawer cabinet with weathered turquoise paint.

You almost don’t even notice the lucite chairs. Genius move pairing them with the natural elements of the wooden desk and bowl.

Waaahh! Besides zebra-print rugs, natural wood tables are my interior design crack. And let’s not forget the proportion play in this shot: excellent black floor desk lamp.

The lampshade almost looks like it’s made of feathers, my other form of crack.

What’s up with this house and unique –but not outrageous– lampshades???

Reading chairs that belong in the library never looked so amazing. Of course that glorious view in the background might help out a little…the cash fairy can drop in on me anytime now…


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