Easy Does It

Winters in California are the bomb. Been enjoying the warm weather the past few days and took some of my summer clothes out to play. Apparently, it’s not going to last. Thank goodness there are still people out there who can dress up summer days in winter clothes.

Easy Riders, Elle, November 2010

They’re fucking rockstars! I love it! Anyway, I’ve maxed out on fur coats this year. First, it was about a month of scouring the internet for coats and attempting to find the perfect balance between practicality, rock-star potential and likelihood of leaving my wallet still in tact. Shopping is a very delicate process of cost-effectiveness. Well, so much for that.

I ended up buying 3 coats. One for it’s cheapness and trendiness, one for it’s timelessness and practicality (it has a hood! yeee!) and one for the fact that it was plainly simple eye candy:

The only thing that is killing me is the significant price drop on the coat. *sniff*

Ruffled bell sleeves, oversized necklace, leather with hardware and fringe? Check!

Brocade boots, leather, yum!

I am on a mission for these ruffled bell-bottoms. The only way to do tie-dye.

I love the idea of all-leather pieces that aren’t motor jackets.


Credits: here, here and here


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