The Pauline

“The Pauline”

Made for the sista in your life who is delicate and refined with a love for pink, but tough as chains.

Holla! Presenting my first DIY attempt at making jewelry. Being a newcomer to LA, I’ve been faced with the task of creating a new social scene and missing my friends back home. So when the holidays rolled around, I was inspired to make gifts for loved ones…and because I had no time on my hands (damn Michael’s for having ridiculously long lines!), I ended up only making gifts for one person. Named after my best friend, I made Pauline a glamourously blinged out necklace using the tutorial from Dana Lorenz of the Fenton jewelry line, famous for their brilliantly twisted chokers. Except The Pauline was less DIY due to the fact that I had no spare jewelry lying around. In this case, I went to the craft store and bought:

  • 4 chains with different sized links but all in the same colored metal
  • 1 strand of clear bling
  • 1 strand of pale pink round glass beads that I had to construct into a necklace
  • 1 fringe necklace from Forever 21

As an afterthought, I decided that the rope ended up being too plain. I wrestled with the decision to add more or keep the necklace simple. After all, I’ve come to see Pauline has someone with more reserved taste. But being that the necklace is from me, after all, I opted to throw in some fringe. Forever 21 is a great place for cheapsky materials. I found a fringe necklace there that was rocking the same clear bling and chain and removed all the other excess bling it came with. Then I was faced with the challenge of incorporating the fringe to the rest of the rope and ended up twisting it in with the rest of the necklace, using jump rings to attach the fringed section.


I ran into some problems with the glass beads. After I gave Pauline her necklace over Thanksgiving, she texted me while I was back in LA informing me that the glass bead strand had come undone and she didn’t know how to fix it. I had to hightail it back to the craft store where I armed myself with some Craft Goop which I used to reinforce the knots and the crimp bead at each end of the strand. What can I say? It’s definitely a learn-as-you-go process for me!

Making the necklace definitely reinforced my love for collage and mixed media, not just in visual art, but in every aspect of what I do from my career (influencing psychology with pop culture) to fashion (mixed prints, mixed textures, mixed styles). Here is some DIY inspiration from the Fenton AW 2010 collection featuring my current fave: fur!

Knowing my taste and style, I’d probably use more natural and ethnic materials other than metal to twist around the fur like shells, leather or bali beads.

I like the format and leaf pendants on this necklace! Maybe substitute the bling for a more natural element and it’d be perfect.

I just like how it looks as though bracelets were repurposed as necklace strands on this necklace. Good idea for DIY projects if I should ever come across vintage or second-hand bracelets.

DIY Capelet Inspiration: In this last pic, I’m actually more interested in the capelet she’s wearing. Looks like the easiest DIY project ever: make diagonal cuts on a second-hand blazer (frayed edges a plus!); open the sleeves and sew to body of blazer; cut shoulders off second-hand leather jacket; sew shoulder pieces to shoulders of capelet. Done!

One last thought and I’m done. My mind is whirling with the possibilities of purchasing a soldering torch (no more Craft Goop for me!) and a dress form so I can really have fun with this jewelry thing! I have visions of ethnic-inspired bibs and breastplates and clothing made of chain and leather. I filled 3 pages in my sketchbook just last night with ideas! And if this thing really takes off, I’d create my own shop called –what else?– Shop Plenty! *giddy smiles*


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