Going Into Battle

 I am so gung-ho about nomadic jewelry, that I almost relapsed on a shopping binge at I Heart Norwegian Wood, one of my favorite stores, hands-down. She has a series of Battle necklaces that consisted of only two pieces. The description of the necklace indicated that she has a limited quantity of materials, so each time the piece sold, I thought I had just missed another chance to buy it. I had been drooling over the one made of grey leather and coral, a piece that sold out a long time ago. I thought it was gone forever until I checked back recently and saw the necklace on sale so, you guessed it! I bought the sucker and now I’m just waiting in anticipation for the day I can strap it on!

Yum! My grey and coral necklace!! I love the styling on her website. After I saw the necklace on this model, I was totally sold.

Style tip: Although it would be awesome to wear a fringed bodysuit to work, I fear my clients would get the wrong idea. Soooo, my plan is to dress up my Merona office dresses from Target with a hint of Battle. *wink* It will definitely set me apart from my co-workers and make work more tolerable.

Anyway, my DIY itch has recently been scratched. I began making a necklace for my best friend and the crafting bug is gaining momentum. I came across this image of a woman wearing a gorgeous neck piece by Anita Quansah.

I waaaaant. I’m having a full-on Id moment, dilated pupils and everything! My imaginary sketch pad is filled with images of how I want to create my own feathered fashion breastplate. Maybe a little smaller, perhaps? With chain details in the back. Definitely keeping the neutral colors and materials. I was on JewelrySupply.com last night perusing their stock of Egyptian, Bali and Thai beads. This may just be the start of a small jewelry line! Yeeeee!


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