It’s amazing how my September mini-vacays got me so exhausted! I would stare longingly at my blog, willing myself to write but never mustering up enough energy to do so. Then I spent the bulk of October resting. And although recordings of my sartorial musings have been on hiatus, I never stopped trolling the fashion, underground entertainment, socially conscious, etc. scene. Day in and day out, in between clients and during my two-hour lunch breaks, I’d be visiting my usual haunts online and adding to my ever-expanding library of topics I want to blog about. In other words: so many things to say, so little time.

But now I’m back with renewed vigor in the hopes of picking up where I left off. First thing’s first; I scored the amazing Green With Envy dress by Attila Design!! I was so juiced when I got it. My first indie couture purchase.

I love it when orders are packages as gifts. Makes it so much more personal!

One of the most awesome things are wooden greeting cards and Tiina’s is no exception.

I spent about an hour after ripping into the package playing dress-up and imagining all sorts of ways I could wear the dress: industrial, steam punk, hippie, country, Halloween, all other holidays, etc. The only place I haven’t been able to think of a way to wear the dress was in the workplace. I added a black blazer and ended up looking Victorian. All I needed was a top hat. I haven’t figured out where to wear it first, but Halloween is just around the corner so I’m trying to decide between costumes which are all really fashionable goth ensembles.


THEN…i recently scored these two DIY tomes just to ignite the creative juices. I’ve been craving to do something creative and I had Amazon coupons at my disposable, so I thought, why not? Besides, the holidays are around the corner and the idea of making gifts is an exciting prospect. I was later reminded that Erica Domesek, mastermind behind P.S. I Made This, has a whole blog dedicated to DIY fashion projects which means *swoon*! DIY projects comes in a close second to shopping on Etsy in terms of my fashion addictions. My hope is to actually do one of these projects instead of sittin’ on my ass all day and hopefully make up some of my own!

I had gone shopping with a friend yesterday and she told me, “I totally appreciate you going shopping with me yesterday!” Apparently, she feels she is completely clueless when it comes to shopping and deciding what looks good and what looks bad. And when she said that, I had a lightbulb moment and thought, What if I advertise myself as a personal shopper/fashion consultant?? Seeing as I have a background in therapy, I could advertise it as Fashion Therapy and presto! I got me a hustle! Definitely gonna be marinating on this for awhile…


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