Oil and Spice and All That’s Nice, That’s What the Gulf of Mexico is Made Of

Driving to work earlier this week, I was listening to the usual morning radio shows and learned that 13 people had gone overboard after another oil tank had exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve been meaning to post this provocative editorial from Vogue Italia and recently found the perfect opportunity to do so. The motives for publishing these images are controversial: is it a social commentary on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill or is an exploitive attempt to sell clothing and make-up for commercial gain? Personally, I feel the pendulum can swing both ways. My gut reaction towards the images was one of horror, especially when I thought about how it was impacting real birds and other sea life, not to mention the humans who have also experienced direct suffering from the oil spill. I won’t discount the possibility that Vogue Italia was influencing consumerist intentions, but you gotta admit, if there was minimal awareness of the ecological tragedy from these oil spills, there most definitely is now.

In fact, it almost seems less like a fashion shoot than a campaign against harm to the environment, doesn’t it? I sure as hell don’t feel like buying any clothes or make-up after seeing this.


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