Skirting the Issue

Gawd! This recession is killing everyone! I’ve never been so frugal with my shopping habits. On the bright side, having to count every single penny has forced me to get creative stylistically. Now more than ever, I want to establish a unique style that is all my own. And that’s difficult to do when I’m influenced by the gazillions of fashion magazines that I subscribe to and all the chain stores peppering the greater Los Angeles area. DIY has never looked so appealing. Even InStyle magazine is getting in on the fun with all the DIY projects they have in their September Issue, so cool of them to jump on the DIY bandwagon! There’s nothing more inspiring than to have a mainstream mag tout the awesomeness that is one’s own creativity.

Anyway, it’s inspired me to pull an Outsapop and start posting more DIY projects. I’ve been slowly accumulating dozens and dozens of DIY posts and for some reason, I was moved to post this tutorial on Burberry’s Spring 2010 skirt, a decent piece to help transition from summer to fall. I was skimming their Spring/Summer collection and found that their tops were equally as inspiring.



Suggested DIY: I once tried to attempt the cobweb effect using a forever scarf only to find out that the scarf wasn’t long enough. An alternative method would be to purchase a plain top like a shirred tube tunic or halter top. Take several yards of the same material and follow the tutorial below to create lovely cobweb patterns.

Now, for the skirts! I love how the draping in the two shown below are so thick that the it takes up the entire skirt and looks like a pouf of whipped cream.



This skirt best resembles the tutorial below.


The Tutorial:

1. Use a high-wasted bodycon skirt as a pattern. Leave 1cm for the seam as you cut.

2. Cut out 8 wide pieces – they should be approx 25cm wide. Sew them together in pairs so you’ll end up with 4 long tubes.

3. Cross two tubes to achieve a draped effect. Repeat with the remaining two.

4. Pin everything down all the way around then take the back of the skirt and attach it to the front piece. 

Ta-da! Worn with dark tights and chubby knits, you have a perfect transition piece for Fall. Now I just need to find the time (and acquire the skills) to make one of my own. Grrr, recession is satan wearing Burberry…


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