She’s A Man, Baby!

Taking some time from livin’ it up in Philly with the fam to bring you this pbulic service announcement: Lady Gaga is, indeed, a man.


Big surprise, eh? Well, if I have to be more accurate, lemme fill you in on the deets. “Jo Calderone,” Lady Gaga’s alter ego, will be gracing the cover of Vogue Japan, out September 5. However, Gaga has not yet confirmed whether or not that is actually herself in drag and it’s got the blogger world in a frenzy speculating the real identity of Jo Calderone.

Though Gaga hasn’t confirmed it is her, why the hell would Vogue put some random Joe (haha) on their cover??? I read the brief excerpt of Vogue’s interview with Jo and it just seems like Jo is some regular dude who got with Lady Gaga.

Honestly, I’m getting annoyed with Lady Gaga’s fame. I despise fame whores. I read an interview with her in Vanity Fair, and she talks about how she hates Hollywood and yet she is the complete embodiment of a Hollywood caricature. And now that she has this Vogue cover out, I believe more than ever that she’s another tool of the entertainment industry.

It doesn’t mean the cover and photo shoot aren’t fun, though. Check ’em out.

She’s a man, baby, a man!


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