Chanel Don’t Play Ping Pong

 I’m not a fan of ping-pong, though I remember watching my best friend in college and her now ex-boyfriend taking out their frustrations with their ISN projects by playing furious and often violent ping-pong games in the campus laundry room. Then I was appropriately amused watching my in-laws playing beer pong over the Fourth of July, though I could care less about beer (although one day I did have a Sam Adams and a then a Coors Light and wondered, what the hell is this water-tasting boo-shizz?!). 

But this black tie housewarming party gives a whole new stylish spin on ping-pong that I might actually take up the game just so I can dress up in Guiseppe Zanotti stilettos and play ping-pong all night. 

At first glance, I thought it was a New Year’s bash. But it was actually a housewarming/cocktail/ping-pong party for Kevin Sharkey’s home makeover



I love the details! Stashing the booze in an ice-filled bathtub is so frat house. 


The Oreo cookie cake with sparkler candles and martini bar is genius. 



This homie knows how to get down with the quirky! A lipstick-drawn frame on his mirrored wall is inspired. 



Makes you wanna play ping-pong, don’t it? 


Forgive me for being a complete spazz, but I kept staring at this picture above wondering how the hell they got the scores to float like that… 





It’s a mirror, genius. And below, the final elegant touch on a ping-pong housewarming cocktail soiree: a silver tray stacked with Chanel lipsticks to keep score. 


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