A Fashionable Evolution

Evolution. An amazing editorial in the March issue of Interview magazine. It reminds me of the evolution of man, but with more complex layers (no pun intended). I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. That’s usually what happens when I come across a fashion piece that is explicit in its commentary on societal issues. The drastic contrast between the model’s original state and the final cacophony of layers, kohl-lined edges and technology is a vivid reminder of the peace found in simplicity. Besides, I’ve been drawn to pink and black and lately.

We live in a world where too much is never enough, and our lifestyles demand that we constantly gather, accumulate, and acquire. But surviving the ever-growing complexity of things isn’t about peeling back the layers to reach the most refined essence of self. it’s about growing, changing, and adapting as we evolve into contemporary urban warriors.

Sources: Fashion Gone Rogue, Trends in Details


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