Instead Of Rice, She Threw Pink Grenades

I think she knows my dreams. “I Am Me” is Jen Fang’s collection accompanied by a series of lookbook images that are like snapshots straight out of my subconscious. The models resemble a cast of characters, each symbolizing a different persona illustrating dichotomies a lot of people may have struggled with–

–masculine/feminine; innocence/corruption; dark/light; saint/sinner; elated/rageful; celebration/war, sexual/asexual etc.–

–and how that struggle might look like in the deep recesses of one’s mind. Allow me to free associate. (I titled each image after the garment from her collection. Shop here to become part of Jenny Fax’s dreamworld.) To all the people who feel like they’re viewing life from the sidelines:


Just like “Gray”

Not too bright; not too dark.

Person who stay in this “gray zone”

It seems very pleased.

There is no complaining, also no praise about them.

But actually they are more [complex] than anyone else!

This time , all the girl who come from this “soso” “gray zone”,

They try to stand out and show..

What they really are!

What they really want !

Use their weak pink weapon to explode.

To fight for themselves.


"Kasagi Jumpsuit"

 This image is a relative of Banksy’s controversial graf-art depicting youth holding weapons and being corrupted by capitalistic societies.   

"Yellow Rose Soldier"

"Wet Weather Gradation Shirt"

What would the pope think if the Virgin Mary was actually swathed in black robes? And was Asian???Blasphemy!


On the other hand, I’m tickled by the crown of pink blossoms perched on her head, Frida Kahlo style. Though black wasn’t Frida’s forte, I bet she could get down with a hand gun.

"Wedding Lace Combination"

This wedding dress onesie is definitely a favorite of mine. I think the idea of a bride-gone-mad is completely bad-ass. Gives new meaning to the catchphrase bridezilla, that’s for sure. Here’s a mood board from Jen’s blog for make-up inspiration on your special day.

"Wedding Lace Combination"mood board

The Collective Subconscious

 There are so many ways to interpret the images. I almost feel like they can explain the Asian American experience of being caught between two different cultures– Asian, a culture that is typically about emotional restraint versus American, a culture that encourages emotional expression. What happens when the two collide? I’ve heard on more than one occasion that an explosion, as Fang surmises, can occur in the form of bullets leaving a pink-laquered machine gun.


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