24 xiao

I was so excited to find this concept editorial on Asians. We need more of these! Better yet, we need to see one from a Filipino perspective. In the meantime, I’m completely enamored with 24 Xiao by Liang Su. It’s a contemporary interpretation of one of the cornerstones of Chinese folktales, “The 24 Filial Exemplars,” which emphasizes one of the most important cultural values: taking  care of your parents’ needs (which also can be very “Filipino,” come to think of it). The level of sacrifice involved in this is translated into the modern fashionista’s devotion to fashion perfection. 24 Xiao is an attempt to create a bridge between eastern culture and western fashion in the hopes of establishing a new way to view Chinese fashion. 


From an aesthetic point of view, I adore the use of muted tones associated with ancient chinese pictures and script with the expressive poses and modern dress of today. Pay attention to the title of each image and see if you can draw parallels between filial piety and one’s devotion to fashion. 

Fighting With Nature


Ice Fishing


The Masquerade


Wolf in Deer Skin


Tears of Bamboo


Useless Wealth




As She Commands


Tomb-Side Tears


Stealing Beauty


Medicine Perfection


The Leap of Faith


Fruit Picking


The Quest


Statue Obsession


Bedside Manners


Taste for Sickness


Money for Life


The Ultimate Sacrifice


The Mosquito Lure


The Attendant


Shaking the Heavens


Sufficient Parenting


Emotional Telepathy


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