Edie and The Crew

I never thought I’d be smitten with a lookbook from J. Crew. I’ve always thought their clothes were stuffy, boring and without any interesting details. Of course, that was before I was introduced to the concept of styling. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I learned about their Fall 2010 lookbook and their theme of “Edie goes to summer camp.”

Believe it or not, there is a part of me that thinks I might actually be happy in the countryside. Anything that promotes relaxation and an escape from life.  And, while there is no criticism toward the set designers of the photo shoot, I couldn’t help but flex my budding collage-making muscles and add some brooding, Fall scenery to set the mood.

Another title for this post could be “The Art of Quirky Layering.” The brand clearly sticks to its plain, simple pieces, but the layering and the way they combine each garment is where the creativity comes in. Instead of the usual plaid shirt with a pair of jeans, it’s layered under a funnel-neck cocoon sweater and a gold brocade skirt. A little slouch of the socks here, a massive array of brooches there. I can appreciate that kind of flexibility and hope to hone my styling skills the same way.

I had to add these vintage painting bags by Swarm into the mix. They just make so much sense with Edie and summer camp.

I love the model’s hair. Can someone make my hair look bat-shit crazy like hers and still look appropriate for work?

Love the contrasting denim washes.

I am all about fur. I’m still jonesing to go to Slow to pick up a fur cape. While I believe in animal rights, I’m no PETA girl. All the fur being worn reminded me of wolves so I had to play around with some editing tools to superimpose the background over the image of a wolf. And I love this particular outfit because it makes the model look the most bad-ass with her cap, bandana, standing collar and armwarmers. Holla!


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