Painting The Night Green

I’m really loving aqua patina lately. It combines two of my favorite contradictions –nature and industrial metals– to create a lovely antique charm. Like old copper buckets next to a tool shed up-country. Like a small metal stool on a cat lady’s porch with a pot of geraniums on top. Like a scene in the meadows straight out of Anne of Green Gables. Like the green, moss-like brushstrokes on a Monet painting. I can almost smell the fresh blossoms obscuring the swampy musk.

In short, it reminds me of summer.


Clockwise from top L: Hummingbird ground stake, Expert Metal Works; Steampunk Necklace, MadArtJewelry; Submarine earrings, Meetalls; Various brooches, Art Fire; Heels, Anastasia Radevich; Turquoise Cicada Ring, MadArtJewelry; Copper Cuff, Beehive Co-op 

I wouldn’t exactly call this collage of goodies my wishlist for July seeing as I already have the Cicada ring and the Anastasia Radevich shoes are probably $500 (per shoe, not to mention –what the hell would I do with a ground stake in my urban apartment??). Let’s just say this is my homage to all things treated with aqua patina. Besides, I’ve finally paid off the steampunk necklace and I’m actually considering procuring that copper cuff. The submarine earrings are already on my “to buy” list along with this necklace. The only thing keeping me from buying everything at once is my common sense and ability to delay gratification. (Oh, and the limp piece of plastic in my wallet that I call my credit card.)

Grand Naiad Necklace, We Dream In Colour

Actually, my fondness for aqua patina goes back a few years when I first discovered We Dream In Colour, jewelry line made by Jade Gedeon. Even though she boasts quite an impressive resume, I first found out about her through Cut and Paste, a consignment shop for crafters. Though she has several different collections, all with varying themes and stories, I’m most captivated by her Verdigris collection. They’re metallic representations of nature in the form of leaves and six-legged creatures, captured beautifully in a green-hued patina.

Most of her pieces are delicate and knowing me, the bigger my jewelry, the better.

I kinda want this Mama Bois Necklace. It’s a glorious mess of nature hanging by a chain. And quite honestly, what Mama wants, mama gets.


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