Hot Summer Nights

I’m a Vintage Fan No. 2, Old Crow Farm

Last night, KFK and I stowed our comforters away and brought out the electric fans.

“It was almost a hundred degrees yesterday,” KFK said with amazement. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. He had started to stockpile ice cubes in the freezer and our plastic pitchers are always filled with iced tea. My days lounging out on the patio at Zephyr have been numbered, thanks to the Valley’s rising temps.

But those warm summer nights are pure bliss. Last night, I sat in front of a coffee shop and relished in the balmy air. Wearing nothing but a loose black dress sans brassiere, I lost myself in The Time Traveller’s Wife.

I just realized, when it’s so hot, it can be a challenge to bring interest to the clothes you wear because, well, you’re not wearing much of anything! At the office, I toe the line between professional and fortune teller, I wear so many flowy things! A simple trick I use to class up my beach wear is by switching those sandals to simple black pointy flats and adding a black blazer (with three quarter sleeves so I’m not too stuffy).

At night, it’s simple. Vintage slips with satin folds that glide over my body like a second skin. And while we slumber, those electric fans are whirring me to sleep.


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