Only Where The Sun Shines

Four walls. A desk. A bookcase and file cabinet. I was understandably excited when work bestowed me with my own office. But over time, I’ve grown restless with the endless hours cooped up in a room, never to see the light of day, especially in the winter time. I sigh with relief as my analog clock strikes 12:00, releasing me from my little cave and into the open air. Now that summer has settled in, I just want to play (and work) in it.

While I understand the practical nature of working inside an office, I feel more creative and free with my thoughts, literally thinking outside the box. Outdoors, my inhibitions are lowered, I’m released from the pressures of others’ expectations. I can imagine the setting: A balcony made of white stucco, lined with soft, plush Moroccan pillows where my body can lounge but my mind can think. I’m flanked by stacks of books; academic journals mixed in with magazines and summer reading. My laptop is the only form of technology, necessary only to record my thoughts. A flowing caftan covered in exotic prints complements the ideas surging forth while the sun supplies a blazing furnace for the imagination.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a Libra that I’m so concerned with my surroundings. It sets the tone for how well I perform. Luxurious comfort, earth tones and ethnic patterns ground me the way gentle breezes and vegetation breathe life into my surroundings. And who is the epitome of luxury than Elizabeth Taylor circa Cleopatra with her kohl-lined eyes and overabundance of gold accessories? I’m a firm believer that work can be fun and still appropriate to dress up like the Queen of Egypt. Whatever gets the job done.

I still feel like I’m a ways away from living the dream. It’s not impossible, though. Confidentiality would be easy to mask and my current favorite outdoor hangout carries all the necessary ingredients, not to mention a hookah bar for those smoky cravings! (Heh, I don’t smoke, but the scent is delightful! Much better than incense or cigarettes.) And now that summer has rolled around and the office is much more lenient about wardrobe standards, my swingy skirts and see-through blouses are seeing the light of day. Now, I only have to figure out how and when to implement said dream, then it’s hasta la vista, baby! when paperwork comes a callin’. Stayed tuned for that episode of Cleopatra and Talitha Gone Rogue


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