I’ve always been a little wary of the hippie headband, made famous by Nicole Richie pre-baby mama days. She made it into such a trend, it just sucked all the individuality out of it. The only time I can really remember wearing one is in middle school when I dressed up as a hippie for Halloween, and that was while Nicole Richie was still in grade school. So there! 

Anyway, I’ve come across fun ones here and there, touting feathers from understated opulence to theatrical glamour. More recently, New York-based designer, Sasha Samuel, came out with a new collection of headbands that Refinery 29 described as “part Ginger Rogers and part The Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story.” Eh, Ginger Rogers doesn’t come to mind when I think glamorous headband, but the mind does conjure up fantasy worlds in galaxies far, far away. 

Queen Amidala








While I was scouring the net for images of The Queen, I never knew how freakin stylish her wardrobe was! Never having been a fan of Star Wars –in fact, I could care less– it never occurred to me in the slightest. But some of her costumes are so runway-worthy I wonder if designers should be taking cues from her stylist. I definitely see some ties between her less out-there headdresses and the equally stunning ones made by Raven Eve Jewelry







I seriously wanna buy all these headdress with the chains and the drape-y fabulousness. After receiving them in the mail, I’ll probably have to figure out where to wear them all as chain headwear in the office are only appropriate during Halloween, as are all other hippie headbands feathered or otherwise. Maybe it’s time for a career change…


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