Hellz Bellz Summer Sample Sale!

Mwahahaha! Finally! I’ve been dying to go to a sample sale for the infamous Hellz Bellz and it’s here! It’s finally here! It’s been a few months since I copped their Banshee jacket at what I’m assuming is a sample sale price and it’s one of those rare items of clothing that I wear on the regular (except for recently because of the warm weather). It’s that gangster. Ties, pulls, velcro and buttons everywhere. All love, baby! So, I’m looking forward to finding a few more goodies at this sale. It will be my first foray into sample sale territory and I just hope that the crowd is as chill as it seems and not like those crazed shopaholics you see on TV and in movies that would choke a bitch who got between her and her Gucci handbag.

Happy shopping!


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