One Year Ago…

I had been wondering why the radio airwaves have been saturated with Michael Jackson songs until a deejay unwittingly made me aware that it’s been a year since Michael died. I was like, what the eff?! I swear he just died like, a few months ago. I remember like it was just yesterday, watching the media coverage of his memorial service and watching the hearts break of all his fans and loved ones as they mourned his passing. A part of me was annoyed that even after his death, he wasn’t able to rest in peace, and the other part of me understood that he had touched the lives of so many people throughout the world. For me, I hadn’t planned on doing anything special to acknowledge his year anniversary. It’s enough for me to remember him in my thoughts and simply to enjoy his music every time I heard it on the radio or on my MP3 player. Then I saw this clip of Ill Doctrine commenting on how the media has both blessed and cursed Michael’s existence and thought, What an intellectual post about such a personal, human experience.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I didn’t sport the glove or go to his concerts and cry hysterically from the front row, but I do like his music and I grew up completely in awe of his Thriller video (and Smooth Criminal, my personal favorite¬†–I thought that video was genius). KFK found this YouTube of the Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan Show performing “I Want You Back.” It was around the time of Michael’s memorial and the whole world was mourning. We watched the video over and over again, enchanted by young Michael’s glowing face. KFK remarked sadly, “What a beautiful child.” It was as though we weren’t just mourning Michael Jackson as we know him now but as that innocence that we wished he had more of a chance to enjoy.

And that’s how I’d like to remember him.



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