Faded Destinations

I’m giddy cuz I discovered a massage therapist at my favorite coffee shop ever! He’s pretty mobile–makes house calls, does events. I plan to have him meet me at Zephyr as a regular client. His name is Pierre which is just the icing on my gypset fantasy. Anyway, I’m giddy because I’m that much closer to living a nomadic existence!! I’ve even made it so I wear nomadic type outfits –flowing skirts and blouses with strappy leather sandals that I grudgingly change into pointy black flats once I enter the office *rolls eyes.*

Lizzie Fortunato’s SS 2010 collection, “Faded Grandeur,” is the perfect accessory to this new revelation of mine. It’s an odd choice to favor because I’ve never before really been into bibbed necklaces –or bright colors for that matter, yet here I am, completely mesmerized by bibs that I wouldn’t dare wear on my hungriest day to The Boiling Crab.

I am a fan of this image: a collage of intrigue, royalty and mysterious treasures unknown.

The pops of bright color against a clean, white palette is so refreshing. And this image of what I believe are doves appearing to escape from their cage is…freeing. Instead of being named Storm the Palace, it’s my Freedom Necklace.

I didn’t even notice the strand of pearls on this necklace! It blends seamlessly into the piece and adds a kind of subtle elegance.

Fortunato was inspired by the fabrics and relics she came across while on a trip to India. However, the beige version of the New Dawn Fades necklace conjures up images of pyramids, Aztec warriors and desert pilgrimages.

The patchwork feel of this necklace reminds of Mexican cutout banners.

I’m reminded vaguely of biology class in high school when we learned about the different organs of a cell including the nucleus, vacuoles and Golgi complex.

The Sun Also Rises channels a bit of an edge with its metallic overtones and lethal leaf-shaped beads

One of these days, I’m going to spend one of my lunch breaks at Zephyr making me one of these bad girls. Just another creative outlet for my fleeting spirit.


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