Bela Principessa

I found a way to tolerate my job: taking 2-3 hour lunch breaks! Of course not all at once. I pretty much spend an hour or so chatting on-line with family or browsing my usual style haunts. Then I actually spend half an hour eating. That’s indoors. I’ve taken up partial residence at Zephyr coffee shop’s patio for a blissful hour, basking in the sun, choppin it up on my cell phone, catching up on my summer reading(Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy) or thumbing through one of my fashion glossies. That patio is my daily savior, I tell you. I’ve become so accustomed to their surroundings, I’ve considered creating a “toy box,” if you will, of creature comforts to embellish on my homey surroundings like magazines, Stella Mare candles, biblio-faves, a drawing pad and my tarot cards. It’ll have to do until I can actually live out of my dream of having a nomadic work schedule consisting of giving therapy sessions on a plant-filled balcony before trekking out to a business meeting at Mi Piace in my charming red hoopty…top down.

A glorious editorial featuring Malgosia Bela, styled by Lori Goldstein and captured forever by Steven Meisel, vividly illustrates my patio fantasies. I dream of the day when draping caftans and bejeweled bikinis are my daily work ensembles. I think I’m in the market for a Glamourwrap


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