It All Started With A Pair of Earrings…

I go on one little jaunt to Vegas and my blog totally loses momentum! I’ve been preoccupied with life-altering decisions dealing with career woes interspersed with delightful daydreams about clothes, shopping and style personas. Which brings me to my current one-stop shop: Etsy.

 Now, I’ve known that Etsy’s been around since forever, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve really developed an appreciation obsession for the website. It started with a hankering for some feather earrings. And I’m not talking about them sweet, normal-sized ones from chains like F21. I’m talking ginormous ones that look like they were plucked from an ostrich. Okay, so maybe not that huge, but nice enough to get some double-takes. I couldn’t find them anywhere so I perused Etsy and I was introduced to a world of endless possibilities.

Untamed long feather earrings, PixiEGlamouR


Since I last blogged, I’ve accumulated 76 Favorite Shops and 530 Favorite Items. *exhale* Yes, virtual shopaholic bingeing at its finest. Shopping is my crack. I wonder if my eyes dilate at the sight of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Oddly enough, wish lists are the answers to my shopaholic tendencies. Instead of going on a whirlwind shopping spree and then mourning the hole in my wallet, wish lists help curb my appetite by fooling my mind into thinking I’m already in possession of those items. (See! Who needs Shopaholics Anonymous?Hehehe…hehe…)

Anyway, except for the 3 or 4 billionaires on the planet, everyone’s pinching those pennies and I’m pinching with the best of them.  So I’ve come up with this system to help budget my shopping expenses and still be able to pay rent and eat. I’m limiting myself to purchasing one Etsy item per week (two if the items are under $30). If the item is over $100, I purchase one item every 2 weeks.

The purpose of doing this through Etsy is two-fold.

  1. I want to get in the habit of purchasing items that I “love” rather than “like” or buy simply because “it’s okay and it only costs 5 bucks.” My goal is to treat shopping like I’m collecting art pieces and not be so care-free or undiscerning with my purchases. I want to look in my closet and feel like I walked into a treasure chest.
  2. Even though I could probably get the item cheaper from a chain store, I’d rather give the money to an independent or local artist.

On that note …<drum roll>…here’s my shopping list for June!

1. Helen dress, cocoricooo; 2. Bali high hair thong headpiece, Raven Eve Jewelry; 3. Ear cuff, Dear Bearcat; 4. Cicada ring, MadArtJewelry; 5. Draw-cord t-shirt dress, Take Off Your Clothes

<Clapping hands> I’m so excited! For some reason, I’m running into a dearth of style inspiration online, but Etsy is a juicy addition to my usual blog haunts. The fact that each item is created by an individual increases my appreciation for the item and I’m more inclined to pay more for their efforts. I’d rather pay a large sum of money to the artist in Malaysia than pay for an item made in a sweatshop where that same artist would have gotten paid a fraction of what I would’ve paid at Etsy. It’s a socially conscious decision, too.

Plus, a lot of the stuff speaks to my desire to have a unique voice in a sea of chain stores and trends. I’ll probably be singing the praises of different Etsy stores over the next few days (or weeks, or months…) and marvelling over the creativity bursting from its seams. Example: item #5 is a dress created by sewing the necklines of two XL T-shirts together to form a waistline. Freakin’ genius.


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