“Speak Easy”

“Why don’t we go around and say our name and a metaphor for Filipino art?”

I bounced. As interesting as the ice-breaker was, I was looking foward to cruising the art scene, soaking up some Filipino culture and grooving to some tumes; not spending my Thursday evening falling asleep at a lecture!

I own a copy of the framed picture on the right.

I don’t know if this is common, but a lot of Filipino art I’ve come across seem to portray images of women. In general, Filipino culture seems to place an emphasis on the feminine. I’ve read that Filipino women are “keepers” of the culture and are the ones who “pass on” their heritage from generation to generation. Not sure how strong this theory holds but it’s be interesting to explore.

Haha! One exhibit that portrayed Filipino masculinity were modern interpretations of the famed Barrel Man which actually contrasts nicely with the more “organic” images of Filipino femininity. There’s an interesting juxtaposition of modern-day symbolism with the traditional aesthetic of the Barrel Man that speaks to how Filipino culture has been Americanized.

After we left the exhibit, KFK and I cruised through Gallery Row, checking out the scene and trying our hand at being LA peeps. It was a lovely evening to be out, surrounded by art, food and good vibes. I took a picture of this double-decker bus cuz I wanted to ride it; never been on a double-decker! When got closer, I noticed that it was a restaurant! Like a taco truck only it was a bus. They served food on the lower deck and the top deck was like a lounge/eating area. So cool! It is one of my goals to buy something from this place and eat on it before the wind takes me elsewhere. Holla!


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