Capitalism Killed the Hip-Hop Star

I switched up my Ugly Betty marathon this week and got a sweet dose of Ill Doctrine while catching up on my Youtube subscriptions. Jay Smooth is just that –smooth. I love this guy. Here’s a clip of him putting Waka Flocka Flame (???) on blast for not taking pride in his virtuosity.

I love intelligent guys who can spit knowledge so effortlessly! And I completely agree with him. Hip-hop originates from socially conscious roots when people engaged in lyrical battles and had to exhibit verbal skills in lieu of physical ones. In my opinion, the state of hip-hop today is just another example of how a perfectly sound movement in grassroots form has been corrupted by institutionalized racism. Instead of emphasizing the lyrical and rhythmic intelligence of spoken word, radio hip-hop has been horribly watered down to grunts (Lil Wayne’s infamous “Yay-yuh!”), monosyllabic onomatopoeia (Kesha’s “Blah Blah Blah”) and texting lingo (Usher’s “OMG”).


And, I hate to sound so soap-boxish, but, seeing as most rappers today are African American, they’re pretty much selling out to White capitalism, creating a new kind of minstrel show.

This is why I cringe when I listen to the radio, stopped watching MTV and branded Black Eyed Peas as the biggest sellouts in the world.

Speaking of Kesha, here’s a clip of KevJumba mocking her single, “Tic Toc.”

I actually didn’t take the “brushing your teeth with Jack” line literally and saw it as a metaphor for someone just being smashed off her ass. I thought this song was kinda fun at first cuz it reminded me of Tigra and Bunny, but her video kinda killed the whole delusion. Then “Blah Blah Blah” came out and I saw her performance of Tic Toc on SNL and I was like…



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