I found my new favorite indie designer!!! They sell their clothes out of Slow on Melrose and I am so going there…once I get the chance. If only I didn’t have to go to work…

Anyway, I’m still discovering the joys of LA and a co-worker informed me of UniqueLA‘s bi-annual showcase at the California Market Center. I dragged poor KFK last Sunday to drool over the goodies with me and practice the art of restraint…shopaholic’s honor.

But first, the outfit. I was all about jewelry that day and I wasn’t afraid to show it.

Red necklace: Fil-Mart; Multi-colored beaded necklace: gift from mom; turtle necklace: Charlotte Russe

I was so proud of my layering job! After the showcase, KFK and I went to a local ice cream parlor and gift store where one of the cashiers kept gushing over the way the necklaces were layered. She actually said she was gonna go to Fil-Mart to see if they were still selling the necklace.

I was so captivated by the way this woman shellacked these vintage suitcases. Can you imagine picking up one of these suitcases from baggage claim at the airport? Another way to make travelling even more fun!

A lot of this vendor’s stuff looked really hand-crafted, but that was part of their charm.

For example, this feathered necklace. Tsk! I shoulda gotten it.

And this wolf necklace. I’m drawn to animal images that reflect my mood.

Knuckle dusters.

I would’ve totally gotten this cuff if I didn’t have a gazillion ones like it. I’m a turquoise whore.

Tribal rope necklaces!

After 2 hours following me dart from vendor to vendor, KFK is pooped. But the couch is pretty!

And voila! Leather strapped, recycled shirt designed by As Is. I didn’t actually take pics of the vendor which was heaven lined with rugged tops and fur-trimmed suspenders; I was too busy drooling over said goodies.

It’s a miracle that I walked away with only 2 things. I scored a second find from Nous Savons. I might have gone a teensy overboard shopping during Easter weekend and I swore that I wouldn’t buy anything for the next 2 months. Obviously, that didn’t work out. Realistically, I’d have to be brain-dead in order to avoid shopping. So I say, harm reduction: only purchase items that I have absolutely nothing of.  A leather-strapped tank top is one and this quirky mustard-colored tassel necklace on the right is the other. I left the showcase feeling very pleased with my purchases and none of the guilt I tend to experience after a binge. It’s a total win-win situation. Love!

A few of the business cards I swiped from the show.

Overall, it was an awesome show. I will make it a biannual priority to attend every year. If anything, I’m more and more open to buying from independent artists especially because their stuff is so much more unique than what I find in stores. And even if I don’t know the person who made it, it just feels more meaningful knowing that it was made painstakingly by one person’s hands.

I’m still trippin over how I didn’t go all ape-shit at the showcase! It took a lot of willpower to keep my hands to myself and out of my wallet.  And they all took credit cards! So LA of them. As my eyes soaked in the 300 vendors peppering the penthouse floor, I whispered to KFK, “They should turn this into a mall.”


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