Wood You?

Hell yeah, I wood! (Harhar…har…)

The blogosphere is not short on praise for Angie Johnson, accessory mastermind behind I Heart Norwegian Wood, for the inception of her new clothing line. A fixture on Etsy since 2007, IHNW is loved for her brilliant collection of fringed necklaces, cage skirts and harnesses, all of which I cannot wait for Christmas, my birthday, or any other special occasion when gifts are bestowed upon me, to possess. The shopaholic in me wants them all now. Here, stylist Raji Sohal models the new goods.

[Just a sidenote, I’ve been going cross-eyed the past few days working on these collages. Although they look really simple, keep in mind that I’m working with the Microsoft Paint program. So what would probably have taken me 5 minutes with Photoshop is taking me 20 minutes doing it manually with Paint. Hence, the metaphorical visual impairment.

But they look much better than before, no? Look at those ragged edges!]

I love how the “busy-ness” of each look (fringe, tassels everywhere!) is tempered by streamlined silhouettes. It’s such a glamourai concept, a look I aspire to master one day.

I love looks, or styles, that can’t really fit in any category. There are obvious ones like goth, punk, retro, mod, preppy, etc. But Sohal’s styles in these pics bring to mind words like: organized, chaos, quirky, busy, different, eccentric, intelligent, layered, complex, thoughtful, spirited, out-of-the-box, thrown together, contradictions, harmonious, fun, little girls playing dress-up, whimsical with an edge, experimental, unabashed, curious, creative, misunderstood, in her own world, has her own mind.

“Who, me?”

Credits: Collages (myself); Photography of Raji Sohal (April Lea); First and last backgrounds ( Greg Hatton’s Woodworks); Remaining wood tile backgrounds (Indah Wooden Tile)


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  2. Raji Sohal
    May 03, 2010 @ 16:03:29


    Great work on the photoshopped backgrounds!

    Just a small clarification — Raji Sohal (me!) did the styling. The photography is by April Lea. 🙂

    Thanks for the coverage and take care!!



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