Apocalypse Journey

What a day! Work is a completely different world compared to the fantasies and daydreams swimming in my head. Of all forms of self-expression, I think fashion and personal style is a constant medium only because we spend 99.9% of our lives clothed (unless you live in a nudist colony). If I had to create an ensemble that reflected how I’m holding up in this time of economic strife, I wouldn’t need to turn anywhere but to Balmain, hands down.

Credits: Collage (me); Buildings (Matt Logue, Empty LA); Sky (Joshua Datu, Dreamscapes)

It’s a fight til the end. Christopher Kane illustrates an apocalyptic ending with his Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Explosive, no?

It seems the whole world is struggling to survive. I have this astrology book that devotes a whole section to the year 2012 and the end of the world. With less than two years left, catastrophic natural disasters destroying entire countries at a time, terrorists running amok and the feeling that we will all disappear into a bottomless pit of financial debt (so dramatic!)… is it any wonder military chic dominates the trend radar this year?

Vogue, March 2010

I love the draping on these Burberry skirts. Peep the DIY tutorial here.

I’m totally into onesies right now. I have a couple hanging patiently in my closet as I wait for the perfect occasion to sport them.

Vogue, May 2010

Although people still entertain the idea of an impending apocalypse, William Higham, who wrote an essay on the protect and survive trend, feels the runways indicate an optimistic attitude by embracing trends that exemplify “taking action” rather than the fear-based trends from previous seasons. He elaborates on the trend by talking about peripheral trends such as the masculine woman (ie., Sinead O’Connor), the warrior queen (ie., Avatar), gaming and Steam Punk (ie., Lara Croft), the undead, and my favorite one, Homeless chic! As Higham says, “The Recession is also making consumers feel a greater affinity with the blanket-life of the Homeless.”

Outsapop has some great inspiration when it comes to the deconstructed look:

Since 90’s grunge, I’ve always tended to lean towards the boho/hobo/tough chic look. Although I was never really into the military style, I guess I’m literally joining the ranks seeing as military pieces are seeping into my wardrobe. I don’t do military jackets, but I do love my cargo pants! And I recently added this dark olive cape jacket into the mix. It’s a good thing, too, cuz I feel like I’m going into battle everyday, trying to survive work politics and bureaucratic bullshit in return for economic security. The battle-field is a lot more bearable when I walk into the office feeling super gangster in my classy fatigues.


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