Bein’ Koi

 I am such a sucker for collage works of art. I discovered Koi Suwannagate and immediately fell in love with the mixed media collages from her Fall 2009 collection. They evoke shadowbox images of poetry and tea parties in the park. It almost reminds me of the digital prints by Anne Le Toux



I love the way they’re framed, as though the borders are whimsically decorated stage curtains for the stylish scene beneath. 




Some of the collages actually look like they could’ve been made on a picnic blanket. 



You know what it is? It reminds me of my Wiccan days when I used to partake in gatherings where 3D collages were constructed using found objects meant to represent natural elements (ie., a feather would symbolize air). With the colors, textures and images, these Suwannagate collages have a pleasant grounding effect. 




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