Lashing Out

Now, I’m not a beauty expert by any means; in fact, I’m the exact opposite. My idea of getting ready for work is matting my hair down with water so it looks less like I just rolled out of bed and smearing on copious amounts of Burt’s Bees lip balm. Ta-da! Mascara, what? Eyeliner, huh? Seriously, I look at pots and creams of eyeshadow and foundation and I’m completely clueless. 

So when I saw these false eyelashes by Paperself, I seriously considered buying myself a pair (or two…or three) cuz they are just so wonderfully wierd! I love the quirk. It’s a wonder I’m even considering making these purchases. For my own wedding, I nixed the MAC eyelashes in favor of the real deal cuz I didn’t really wanna walk down the aisle and scare KFK into never wanting to marry the rug covering my eyes. Can I get a face with those eyelashes? Haha! 

Anyway, here are the variations of paper lashes that I would love to maniacally decorate my peepers with. Apparently, they have three main styles you can choose from in full-length and in partial lengths. From left to right, we got peach blossoms, peonies and horses, each one representing a different Chinese symbol: peach blossoms are for love, peonies for happiness and horses for success. Designer, Ting Yu Wang, created these accessories not just to contribute to beauty and fashion, but also to utilize and pass on the Chinese art of paper-cutting. 

The shopaholic in me would love to buy all of them

And in the spirit of surrealism, I felt it was only appropriate to showcase these clock hand jewelry by EJP Creations. If worn simultaneously with the Paperself lashes, they’d really bring out one’s eyes, wouldn’t they? 


To round off this quirky-ass surrealist ensemble, a backdrop with clothes from Gilles et Dada’s Between campaign is in order.

Only clown-like figures posing eerily in mythical-like forests (why am I seeing triangles?) would understand the relationship between horses prancing on one’s eyelashes and wearing lethal clock hands around one’s neck. Voila. 

Boo-yah. Stylist 101.


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