Line of Style

 Saturday was weird for me in a fun way. I caught wind of the opening reception for this art/fashion show at Gallery Nucleus called Line of Style: Fashion Illustration Spanning the Globe. KFK had gone to San Diego for family business and I was stranded at home doing on-call work. So I was faced with the dilemma of missing out on the show cuz I didn’t want to go alone, or going alone and feeling awkward because I went to a social event stag. In the end, fashion won out: the email announced that the show was to have live model drawing and fashion shows. Besides, the event was happening just up the street from my apartment. What lazy-ass would miss out on that?

I had been at the gallery the night before, but they had blocked out the back rooms to prepare for the shows, so I spent the evening with KFK and our cousin browsing through the prints and wares.  On the night of the show, I passed up the storefront and headed straight for the back room where the galleries were. Here are some of my favorites:

Couture by designer Michael Berandi. I admire the sculptured folds, particularly on this first coat.

A view of the runway from the second floor.

They made space on the second floor for the live model drawing. Artists were free to sit at the easels placed in a circle around a table top where the models stood and posed. In between models, people gathered to the left for complimentary wine, cheese, crackers and fruits. So bougie (but fun!).

I was amazed that this portrait was drawn with markers. I would love to create a piece using mediums as mundane as markers.

DJ Can You Barrett? (I guess turntables are becoming obsolete. Such a shame.)

The following pictures are from Gallery Nucleus. I had gone to the show later in the evening so I missed the first live model drawing. Here is everyone going all paparazzi on the models.

I also missed the first runway show for Connie Lim.

Here’s the second live model drawing. I’m in the background talking to my new friend! This guy, Eric, tried to holler at me…I think. I’m never good at discerning whether or not a guy is trying to hit on me. I guess you run the risk of getting hit on if you go to events alone. But if they’re friendly and not dicks about it, I engage in conversation, no problem. I was especially hooked on the fact that he toured with and made documentaries of DJ Qbert and the Invisible Skratch Picklez  for three years while he was in college. Fun shit!

I was actually there for the second fashion show for Valerj Pobega, but my camera ran out of battery! So I’m using Gallery Nucleus photos. I was intrigued by the overall bondage feel of the pieces, particularly the mouth guards made of hair and belts made of rope.

It was kinda disappointing in a way cuz she only showed 4 pieces. And the pics on her website are misleading. At the show I got a nice close-up look of the garments and their construction didn’t actually look all that, but on her website, the clothing looks pretty decent. Connie Lim’s show looked a lot more impressive, at least when it came to the tailoring, but I didn’t get a chance to get a close-up look at the clothes.


Overall, it was a fun experience. And now I know I can attend shows alone if need be. Turns out not a lot of my homies are into fashion as much as I am. I’m kinda bummed I missed the Hellz Bellz opening reception for their pop-up shop in Venice; that would’ve been really fun to document! Plus, I’d get to meet Misslawn, the creator and CEO of the clothing line who also happens to be Filipina! Rock on, diva!


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