Adam Carolla Delusional; Thinks Filipinos Pray To Chicken Bones

 So I guess I’m trying to figure out why Adam Carolla hates Filipinos so much. I mean, to trash talk a boxer for refusing to take a blood test is customary and even expected when it comes to sports. But then Carolla extends his tirade to include the entire country of the Philippines! 

It’s like, why??? What did we ever do to him? I suspect he dated someone who was Filipina and she dumped him because he turned out to be such a racist bigot. 

It inspired me to Youtube Michael Richards go on his little racist rant three years ago and the apology he made on Letterman. I think both of them were trying to be funny in some sick, fucked up sort of way. Carolla’s “humor” appeals to the frat-boy Neanderthal bunch (I mean, praying to chicken bones??? Who says that?!) so I think that’s where he was unsuccessfully trying to take his little tirade. 

Apparently Carolla “apologized” later on his Twitter and it wasn’t really much of an apology, just some half-assed comment in passing so it would appear that he’s taking responsibility for his bigotry. 

On the real, though, Carolla’s mishap was in very poor form. First of all, when a country is struggling in some sense, you don’t start talking shit about them and using their struggles to point out how pathetic you think they are at the expense of making a joke. And like senatorial candidate, Liza Maza said, “Mr. Carolla’s racist comments are injurious to the confidence of the Filipinos and undermine the reputation of the Philippines as a nation of hardworking people.” You got that right! My family would run circles around Carolla when it comes to hard, back-breaking work, intelligence and anything else that requires dignity and a backbone.

Second, real comedy is well-timed and written with class, even if the comedian is putting someone else down (which is why I love Conan and Dave Chappelle, my comedic heroes). In his “apology,” Carolla said something about “not preplanning his commentary.” Well, maybe he should start doing it for his own sake, so he doesn’t end up saying shit that will get him in trouble. On the other hand, I’m glad I got to see that side of him; it knows what kind of demons we’re working with. 

Third, I wonder if Carolla is threatened on some level. I mean, a whole damn country plus Filipino Americans rooting for their representation? No one really does that for a white boxer, or even a black boxer. At least not as much anymore. Asians in general are so invisible in the sports arena that I wonder if Manny’s popularity (and mad skills) caught Carolla’s frat-boy sensibilities off-guard. Who knew a small Filipino man could knock out all them white/black/Latino boxers? Maybe he didn’t think the Filipino community would say anything. (I talked to my brother last night and he spent a good ten minutes ranting and raving about Carolla.) No one expects the underdog to put up such a good fight, literally knocking people out. I think Carolla is jealous and intimidated that Filipinos can throw down. On that note, peep this petition against Adam Carolla and join in on the solidarity. 

View and sign petition against Adam Carolla here! 

People are saying that the petition won’t do anything. Yeah, most perpetrators would just give this back-asswards apology that sounds something like, “I’m sorry the Filipino community thinks that I hurt their feelings.” Or they might just put up a fight saying that Filipinos are being too “sensitive” and can’t take a joke or whatever. In the end, an apology would be nice, sure, but I think what would make a lasting impression is the fact that the Filipino community is coming together to be heard and to stand up for them/ourselves.  Love this though: the Philippines government spokesman Gary Olivar responded:

He is an ignorant fool who belongs to a sick minority in the United States. His statements carry zero weight for us. We will not dignify it by demanding an apology. In fact he should apologise to his fellow Americans for giving them a collective black eye.”


KFK was joking that Carolla was probably the unpopular frat-boy in college, the one that nobody liked. And so he’s taking out all his bitter feelings on the underdog. Too bad the underdog could whup his ass in a minute. Give him something to really cry about. Screw the apology!

UPDATE: Here’s an eloquent essay written by fellow Sister in Solidarity, Kuttin Kandi (we tried to hook up a year ago to do an interview on a study I did, but it never happened). Thank you for putting words to feelings I couldn’t quite articulate.


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