Mistress Barbie

Beatrice Morabito is my new hero. After peeping her work on What The Hellz?!, I had to check out her website where there are galleries and galleries of delicious images that would make any psychoanalyst cream on his therapy couch. Anyone who creates photo stills of dolls engaged in fantasy scenes is worthy of a Nobel Prize for sex dreams. Here are some of her more fashion-related images that I found intriguing.




I particularly love why she uses dolls as a medium to expose her feelings, dreams and life events. On a more surface level, I was just thinking how ingenius it was for her to use dolls, seeing as they can be a festish in and of itself. However, she describes the doll as an “extension” of her self, which is pretty much what children do with their dolls and figurines; use them to tell stories. But because a doll is unable to convey emotion through facial expressions, the voyuer has to infer what the doll would be feeling in the given situation. It challenges the audience to access emotions that are typically frowned upon if expressed freely in most societies –lust, rage, passion, masochism, sadism. I love it when artists are intellectual about their work!

Get your whips ready; more not-safe-for-work pics after the jump!

This gas mask image is one of my favorites. I wonder what a psychoanalyst would think this says about me…?

Super-cool knots…I jus realized that using a doll is probably a really good way to practice tying ropes.

This pin-prick image reminds me of the campaign for Anastasi Radevich shoes.

Another one of my favorites! Glamorously gothic.


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