Bird, Bird, Bird, The Bird’s The Word

HAPPY EASTER! My celebration of Easter has gone through mini-phases starting with mainstream traditional Easter as a child going on Easter egg hunts to my grad school days of celebrating it as the Spring Equinox to now…when I don’t really celebrate it at all. But I did want to post this thing on wearing birds or bird nests in your hair. It first triggered my quirk radar in 2008 when Stylebubble wore what looked like a giant-ass crow on her head.

Hello, Alfred Hitchcock!

Her inspiration: Buddug Wyn Humphreys’s contribution to Hannah Marshall’s AW08-9 lookbook.

With the added floral arrangements, the bird looks like it totally belongs on her head. Quirky, indeed! So I was tickled when Outsapop provided a tutorial for two incredibly chic fascintors, one that looks like it’s meant to be worn to parties hosted by the Addams Family…

…and one for the traditionally Easter-minded diva, complete with the nest and everything. It sounds totally funky, but when you see it, it really doesn’t! But that could just be me. I’ll be the mom whose kid will pretend not to know me cuz I showed up to his class Easter picnic wearing a birds nest on her head. Or, if I play my cards right, my kid will be gangster enough to wear the nest her/himself! (Good grief, is it the eggs or Easter or the white lace? Why do I have kids on the brain all of a sudden?? I’m not that old, am I…?)


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